A modernized approach to eye level exposure 24/7/365 at low rates – Mini billboards in Ahmedabad

Our objective for the introduction of the mini billboards is to give you the liberty of targeting audience yourself and the offered one is perfect for that. The easy portability aspect of mini billboards in Ahmedabad enables the end user to easily move them at the desired place, unlikely to that of traditional billboards and thereby help consumers target the desired audience as per their requirement. Be it outdoor advertisement or indoor advertisement, our mini billboard can help you attain both purposes at once, thanks to the easy portability quotient of thereof. The smart design of this mini billboard also helps the consumer to change display image and message anytime throughout the day & night. These tiny billboards can easily less space and hence can fit anywhere, even in the crowd that cut the cost you spent on the location, is an extra advantage that you can capitalize by investing in a mini billboard in Ahmedabad.

Outdoor Advertising Kiosks

We are specialized in brand building and sales activation and is what that has made us recognized as the best outdoor advertising company in Ahmedabad. The highest degree of attention of consumers is our ultimate focus and that we accomplished by executing every outdoor advertising venture strategically. Likewise, the Mini Billboards Manufacturer is one of the smartest ways to take your advertising to the next level at notably lower rates. The perfect height, perfect brightness, excellent color contrast and creativeness play a major role in the alluring momentous audience in a small package, and for what we are renowned in Ahmedabad.

Benefits of going with Mini billboard for your brand are here

Knock consumers at low cost

By means of mini billboard one can grab attention of audience at low cost.

Small yet Effective

The eye level height of the mini billboard is definitely going to be the best bet, advertising your brand 365 days without any extra efforts.


Users can change the message and image whenever they require as well as move it easily as of light weight

Details of our Mini Billboards in Ahmedabad

  • Options available in lighting: non lit mini billboard, back lit mini billboard, front lit mini billboard
  • Available Range: Standard & customized Mini Billboards

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