Pioneer of outdoor advertising in India.Our Mantra is, strive not to be success, but rather to be of value

Who We Are?

CHITRA (B) PUBLICITY is one of the largest outdoor advertising companies in Ahmedabad, inaugurated in 1929 by late Shri KANTILAL MANILAL MEHTA as a small publicity shop with the intent of promoting the venture of entrepreneurs through the outdoor advertising and proffer bountiful opportunities for branding and elevating their business to the new edge of success.

Chitra History

During 1929-1935 CHITRA (B) PUBLICITY was limited to make signboards, paintings and film banners, however, with the great efforts and commitment to excellence, the organization accomplishes success in gaining the trust of the consumers and bring the business to the new levels.

Followed by the triumph of the first outdoor advertising venture in Surat, CHITRA (B) PUBLICITY has gained immense fame all across the India and accomplished 500 nos. of hoarding (Bill Boards) throughout India (Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Lahore, Pune, Karachi, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat, Baroda) in just a short span of 10 years. To nail the target within time, the team of the CHITRA (B) PUBLICITY goes into override, regardless of the day and night.

In 1935, CHITRA (B) PUBLICITY got the first venture of the signboard, which is also reckoned as the hoarding or billboard in these days, which was the very first outdoor advertising venture managed by any company in India, which was the great achievement for CHITRA (B) PUBLICITY and since then, the company has never looked back.

1944 – 1945, owing to the colossal success in the outdoor advertising business and increased demand of the outdoor advertising, late Shri KANTILAL MANILAL MEHTA invested in outdoor publicity business, which was the only outdoor advertising company in Ahmedabad.

Where Chitra Stands Today

To date, CHITRA (B) PUBLICITY has established a strong foothold in more than 250 towns and centers of Gujarat state, and possess 10000+ hoardings in diversified designs to match with the miscellaneous need of every consumer comes to CHITRA (B) PUBLICITY From 6’x5’ to 155’x30′, our diverse portfolio of the outdoor advertising incorporates 10000+ hoardings/billboards at prime and high traffic locations across Ahmedabad and other cities of Gujarat to equip the highest exposure to your advertisement.

Chitra Team

Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success, which is true for us. The team of experts and their unmatched cooperation all through the venture is the foundation of our success. Chitra team embraces many family members and a huge crew of the experts who are working as a family only and go the extra mile to attain excellence in every single outdoor advertising venture. Other than, the professional skills of individuals in conjunction with the passion for excellence in outdoor advertising are equally accountable for the triumph of Chitra. Further, we continually empower our employees through acknowledgment that not only boosts their moral, but also confidence, performance, and retention.

Chitra infrastructure

The vogue of CHITRA is spread everywhere and is apparent from its cutting-edge facilities laden infrastructures in all the major cities of Gujarat, including Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat & Rajkot. The accompanying of the experienced professionals is available at every office with the availability of all the facilities that is imperative for outstanding Outdoor Hoarding Advertising Gujarat.

We have all the latest tools and technology to showcase the latest and greatest campaigns and give your brand completely high tech look on the hoardings or can say billboards and thusly draw the attention of possibly highest consumers. Our digital billboard is an adequate paradigm of the same, achieving notable popularity among entrepreneur.


To help consumers in promoting their brand innovatively and effectively in order to upsurge the brand identity by grabbing audience attention and ultimately grow their businesses to the farthest.


To go extra miles in every outdoor advertising venture using the latest technology that can give our clients the remarkable edge in the market and highest return on the investment.


Customer’s requirement is our priority

We believe customer’s success is our success, and hence we are committed to our client’s requirements and to deliver we go above and beyond every day to prove it.

We are passionate for excellence

The passion for excellence in every single venture is our principle and is what for our team is set to go the extra miles.

We understand your business first

To give the highest profitability on investment, we firstly understand your business and accordingly counsel the right location to grab highest consumers.

We are creative and smart

Only creativeness does not make any venture successful, but smart execution within a timeline is equally important and is what we can do with the smartness.

We are awesome let us prove it to you

CHITRA has amazed almost 1200 Clients and has illuminated almost 40% of the urban outdoors by means of the latest technology if you are also in search of the high tech branding; it’s not too late yet.

CHITRA offers all outdoor advertising platforms, including Hoardings, Kiosks, ST Stands, Pickup Stands, Wall Painting and many more to give your business and gain more customers.

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