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Chitra (B) Publicity India’s first rate outdoor advertising company in Ahmedabad / out of home advertising company in Ahmedabad

Our outdoor advertising make count and that’s make us the top notch (best) outdoor advertising company in Ahmedabad.

Whether your objective is to create a buzz, reach a huge audience or convey locals for your product / service, we are well versed to provide best in class outdoor advertising in Ahmedabad (OOH: out of home advertising in Ahmedabad) that undeniably will help you achieve your goal at cost effective rates.

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Our Outdoor Advertising Can Be a Unique Selling Point For Your Brand

Chitra (B) Publicity is a legendary name among the entrepreneurs for providing an inimitable way to advertise their brand and attract attention of the masses towards the product/service concerned. Outdoor advertisement is a first thing a prospective customer sees and hence it should be attractive enough to draw an attention of every individual passing through, which only can be accomplished by creativity. We believe creativity is a way to connect with the audience, is what you can get in our every advertisement.

Our experience in the outdoor advertising/out of home advertising is our dominance by which means we have been able to introduce creativity in every advertisement, whilst accompanying of seasoned team is what enabling us to think outside the box and make your product stand out even in the crowded street or market. Besides that, a perfect teaming up of brightness and information clearly speaks to the consumer about your product and hence let them know what’s sold there.

One Stop Solution for All Outdoor Advertising / OOH Advertising Requirements All Over Gujarat State

We offer an extensive range of the outdoor advertising hoardings / billboards / kiosks/ gantries / branding at the best prices that guarantee to be the lowest.

Is outdoor advertising has become tough nut to crack for you – make it easy with Chitra (B) Publicity.

  • We have Premium Space

  • We have latest Technologies

  • We have creative ideas

  • We have cutting edge infrastructure

  • We have fleet of transportation

The technological revolution in the 21st century has changed the way of the marketing after the introduction of the internet. Social media has become the mainstay and leading in defining the new style of marketing. However, there is a one medium that has sustained in this cut throat competition is billboard/ hoardings or can say outdoor advertising. Although, towing consumers to your product through outdoor advertising has become more demanding and hence you require experienced and savvy professionals to capitalize outdoor advertising to the farthest.

To date people are engrossed in phones and tablets, albeit our outdoor advertising is outperforming in every town and city of Gujarat, as we have premium space, latest technologies and creative ideas to grab the consumer’s attention and makes a long-lasting impression that will stay with them long after they have passed by your advertisement.

Exclusive Alternatives of Our Outdoor Advertising / OOH Advertising

Outdoor Advertising Company in Ahmedabad

Non Lit Hoardings (N/L)

Outdoor Advertising Agency in Gujarat

Front Lit Hoardings (F/L)

Outdoor Advertising Company in Ahmedabad

Backlit Hoardings (B/L)

Pick the best suited size from our wide assortment for outdoor advertising / OOH Advertising and get the most out of your advertising investment.

Available Sizes

Available Sizes

120X20 108X8 104X8 100X20 100X8
98X8 90X30 80X40 82X41 60X30
60X20 60X15 60X10 51X40 50X25
50X20 40X40 40X20 40X30 40X15
40X10 30X40 30X30 30X20 30X15
30X10 25X25 25X15 25X10 24X12
22X30 20X20 20X15 20X10 16X10
15X20 15X15 12X15 10X20 10X15
10X10 10X5 6X5 25X20 81X20
61X31 20X60

Note: Customization is available upon customer request

Get our effective billboard/ hoarding/ kiosk / gantries / branding at cost effective prices.

EXCLUSIVE BENEFITS of Investing in Our Outdoor Advertising / OOH advertising

100% guarantee of Attention Grabbing

We deliver a perfect blend of size, color and creativity that attracts consumers

Yes.., it is Cost Effective

Our outdoor advertising is less expensive than Newspaper, Magazine, Television, or Radio Advertising

Get A Full Time Audience

Our high quality graphics captivates an audience of commuters 24/7

Our Outdoor advertising never requires inviting the audience.

The bright colors, high color contrast and legible text with the creative designs are enough to draw the consumer’s attention without efforts and give a greater exposure to your product / service for a longer period of time.

Location plays significant role in outdoor advertising and we have a huge list of prime locations

A selection of right place as per the product market is a decisive factor in the outdoor advertising, and we own a huge assortment of prime location that one can advantage by availing our outdoor advertising service at cost effective rates.

The high quality images show lots more than text, is what our focus

There is a high ratio of people travelling through vehicles and hence image combined with perfect color combination is a faster way to convey your message, rather than text and therefore we emphasis on high quality graphics to convey thereof in the shortest possible time.

Our outdoor advertising help reach a massive audience.

Experience plays significant role in outdoor advertising and we have the notable one, enabling us to convey the right message in the right place at the right time that help catch the attention of the audience and impose them to try them out that ultimately help generate sales.

Our outdoor advertising is interesting keep consumer engaged.

Consumers are apparently attracted to innovative advertisement and this is what we deliver at every time, to engage more and more consumers with the ingenious combination of the color, graphics and information that not only engage users but also amaze the one.

We introduce new concepts in outdoor advertising

Consumers always seek for new concepts to stand out in the crowd from competitors and hence we bring forth the digitalization concept in our Outdoor Hoarding Advertisement, our cutting edge catalogue of digital billboard / hoarding is an evidence of thereof, available at cost effective rates.

Our outdoor advertising promise for high return on investment

In contrast to digital marketing, outdoor advertising is a cost effective approach to brand your product / service. Bigger is better and we are having the one help attracting more consumers, which ultimately assure a large return on investment.

Increase your brand value by investing in our outdoor advertising, interested one can contact our support team to know budget and reach your target audience effectively.

Our market reach is not constrained to Ahmedabad, rather is outspread to 250 towns and centers of Gujarat States that exhibits our prominence in the Gujarat States. The major towns and cities where we have established a strong niche as an outdoor advertising agency/ company are mentioned below:

Get a Free Quotation

Greetings..! Chitra (B) Publicity team has come with Outdoor advertising in Ahmedabad / OOH advertising in Ahmedabad at low cost.

As an outdoor advertising company/agency, our objective always remains to satisfy the customer at best and that we accomplish by wisely balancing the ratio of the high quality and low cost. From non lit advertising to the front lit advertising, we have made serious attempts to carry out the best combination of the price and quality that not only match the budget of the end user, but also satisfy their requirement at the farthest and that is one of the principal reasons for our sky high success and sustainability in the market for 85+ years.

Note: The price of our outdoor advertising varies as per the size, type, location and advertising period; however, whatever we offer is guaranteed to be the least from the competitors.

Get our free quotation of outdoor advertising in Ahmedabad today and check out the best suitable outdoor advertising package for you.


  • Affordable Outdoor Advertising
  • Effective Outdoor Advertising
  • On time Accomplishment of Venture
  • Prime location at best rates
  • Huge portfolio of outdoor advertising packages
  • Wide Spread Reach
  • Highest return on your investment
  • Attention grabbing print quality

CHITRA (B) PUBLICITY promises for highest exposure to your brand at the right location.

We have 10000+ outdoor advertising locations in high demand areas having busiest highways and roadways to help you get the exclusive market coverage. Other than, our commitment to servicing our clients is unmatched and excellence in every hoarding/ billboard is obvious from our market reach.

You can’t sell anything if you can’t say anything, avail our outdoor advertisement today…!

Terms & Conditions of our Outdoor Advertising in Ahmedabad / OOH in Ahmedabad

  • All the location available with us is prior to sale and subject to the availability at the time of confirmation.
  • The minimum period of the outdoor advertising contract shall be for one month.
  • The total outdoor advertising charges include the flex printing charge per square foot; flex mounting charges per square foot.
  • The flex mounting charges vary as per the type of the hoarding, alike back lit hoarding, and sticker print flex printing and flex mounting charge are different.
  • Two photographs of the advertising required to submit along with the bill
  • We do not take liability for any damage or theft or bend of hoarding
  • Photographs of locations will be available for reference purpose
  • No cancellation alternative is available during the period of the contract
  • The Government service tax is applicable extra from 01/05/2015

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